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Goodbye Rosa

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The saying goes, “It’s never easy to say goodbye,” and this definitely rang true on Thursday when we officially said goodbye to our teacher Rosa. For the past 2 years Rosa has been working nonstop with our children preparing them academically. Working a program developed by co-founder Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Rosa spent the majority of her time focusing on Miguel and trying to help him catch up to his peers. In a relatively short amount of time, she was able to take him from no educational background at all to a second grade level, and almost third grade math. The amount of progress that we have seen in Miguel, and in the rest of the children is to be commended. Amelia will enter first grade in January of next year and she is more than prepared academically. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Rosa, who day after day patiently helped our children learn and grow.

To celebrate her years of commitment we had a goodbye lunch for her. The children gave her with some handmade gifts and Hope For Tomorrow presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation. Afterwards we exchanged words and tears and by the end we were all teary eyed. Probably the saddest moment of the entire celebration was when Miguel shared his thoughts. With a broken voice he expressed his thanks and how much he was going to miss her, and then he could no longer hold back the tears. It was evident that the bond that was formed between Miguel and Rosa goes way beyond a student/teacher relationship and had become more like a friendship, or even a mother/son connection.

So this update is to say “Thank You” to Rosa for all that she did for our children.

After the break you can see some pictures we took during the event.[nggallery id=2]



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