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Blessed Through a Crib

CribThe vision we have for Hope For Tomorrow Children’s Home is HUGE! I mean incredibly huge! Our list of ideas, changes, and projects is almost never ending. The only problem we have run into is that our vision is bigger than our bank account, and a lot of the things we desire to do have to get put on hold due to financial constraints. For example, while we’d love to repaint the home in colors that are more indicative of happiness and joy, it’s more important to make sure our children have food for the following month and that we have finances to pay salaries. So while our list is large, some things have had to be put on hold.

One of these items that has been on hold was the purchase of cribs for our newest children. In June we had graciously received a donation to purchase beds for our first 6 children, so thankfully they were taken care of. But when Moses and Luis Fernando came along, we had to pull out the old, and may I say decrepit, wooden cribs, since we didn’t have the funds to purchase new ones. We longed for the day that we would be able to replace these cribs that had paint chipping off, holes in the bottom, and bars that were spaced too far apart. An OSHA nighmare!

Well, the Lord heard our prayer and answered it two ways. First we were able to get the majority of the purchase of one crib donated through a sponsor in the States. We are still $115 short to purchase a new crib for Moses, but we have a good chunk of the money. The second came through a member of our churches small group here in Guatemala. During a birthday party, this new couple approached us and said that they had saw the link that I put at the bottom of all my emails to our website. She and her husband didn’t know that we were working in a Children’s Home, and when she saw our webpage immediately thought of a crib that she had that she was no longer using! So she asked us that day if we needed a crib and my head almost exploded! “YES”, I screamed, “we’ve been praying for a crib!” That evening they brought the crib over to our house and the following day I was at the home setting it up.

IMG_0954 copy

Needless to say, we are thrilled about our new crib for Luis Fernando. It’s in great condition and is so much safer than what he was sleeping in before. It’s such a blessing and an outright answer to prayers.

However, we are still in need on the remaining money to purchase the crib for baby Moses. If you would like to help finish purchase the crib for our baby, you can click here which will take you to our secure donation page where you can make a tax-deductible donation online. If you’re interested in helping us fulfill our HUGE vision, click here to see how you can get involved or here to start sponsoring a child. Either way, just like the crib, you will be an answer to prayer and an incredible blessing to our children.



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