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A Chair Named Lucky

Rocking ChairI’m sure we’ve all heard the joke about the dog named Lucky:

“LOST: male dog, has one eye, mangled left ear, paralyzed hind leg, crooked tail.  Answers to the name, ‘Lucky’.”

Well, the rocking chair that has been a part of our children’s home for the last several years must be named Lucky  because it’s been through it all.  The back is completely torn apart, it’s missing it’s back left rocking leg, and the right arm rest is missing!  It barely functions as a chair much less a rocking chair.  But this is what we have been using to rock our babies to sleep in.  Obviously far from ideal.


Thankfully we weren’t the only ones that felt that way, and recently a member of the Asbury Youth Ministry team that came down last month donated the money for us to buy a new rocking chair!  But not just any rocking chair…it’s a glider.  When I brought it to the home yesterday the ladies expressed a collective sigh of relief and were extremely happy to finally have an appropriate rocking chair to give Angel his bottle or put him to sleep.  It may seem like such a small thing, but every resource like this is greatly appreciated by our staff and greatly benefits our children.

New Rocking Chair

Enjoying the Chair

So goodbye Lucky, you were nice while you lasted.



2 Responses to “A Chair Named Lucky”

  1. Cindy hill says:

    So glad you found one!!!! Hope youlove it. I miss youalready!!! How is my Miguel ?

  2. admin says:

    We miss you too! Miguel is doing great. They have been piling on the homework so he’s been a little stressed from that. But all is good!

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