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A Hope-filled Goodbye

DSCN3260I enjoyed the days that I had the opportunity to spend with the wonderful family that is Hope For Tomorrow. I had the privilege of experiencing a plethora of beautiful moments throughout my stay here, including: sharing a birthday celebration with Carlos; attempting to teach Juan Jose and Diego how to Salsa dance; playing peek-a-boo with Leticia; coloring pictures to bring to the preschoolers at the YMCA in Southern Indiana; a movie night with Amelia and Lidia; singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” a likely record-breaking amount of times; shopping with Edwin and Miguel; cooking with Bethany; playing soccer with Rosa, Saraí, and Carlos; worshiping at church with the children; and visiting Antigua.

I am so thankful for everyone here at Hope for Tomorrow, from the caregivers, to Kenneth and Diana, to the other volunteer, Bethany; they all came together to ensure a successful and fulfilling experience throughout my stay in Guatemala. Although I was only a part of the children’s lives for a few days, I am blessed to report that they have made an outstanding impact on my life. I will continue to recount these memories as I head home and will forever keep the Hope for Tomorrow family in my prayers.




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