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University of Kentucky Trip 2014

DSC_0470We recently had the pleasure of welcoming a great group of students from the University of Kentucky to Hope for Tomorrow Children’s home. They came down with our co-founder, Jennifer, to spend a busy 10 days with our kids. During their time, their main focus was on our preschool students. Each of the UK students paired up with one of the preschoolers and observed them throughout the week. They also performed evaluations on the students of Hope Preschool to gauge where each student is performing. At the end of the week, the UK students met with the caregiver of each of the kids and informed them of the areas in which their child excels, the areas where their child needs assistance, and a few goals for their child. The UK students also worked with our preschool teacher, Delmy, to organize the Hope Preschool classroom.

After their mornings working in the preschool, the group spent time playing with the kids doing tons of fun activities. From going to the pool to playing parachute, there was never a dull moment. One of the favorite memories was the 4th of July party. Although a day early, we brought everyone together at the new property for pizza and fireworks. The kids’ eyes lit up as they watched the fireworks show and played with sparklers. They were still talking about the party days afterwards! Go here to see pictures of our fantastic week with the group from UK.




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