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The Hope For Tomorrow Children’s Home project operates under the US Internal Revenue Service non-profit status 501(c)(3) of Adopt!inc.

The orphanage has a separate steering committee to head the orphanage project. Members include: Lisa Gipson Birdwhistell, Nancy Durall, Josh and Kacie Goe, Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Paul Brown, Diane Haynes, Brett Ledbetter, Larry Ledbetter, Brenda Riddle, and Whitney Stevenson.

Our vision is to establish a children's home which functions as a stable family group where efforts are made to supply the physical, educational, medical, psychological, nutritional and spiritual needs of each child. We will provide a safe, nurturing environment that includes housing, food, clothing, medical care, emotional stability, and education to 25-30 needy, orphaned or abandoned children. As a Christ-centered program, staff, volunteers and mission teams will work to provide a spiritual climate that encourages each child to realize God's call and ensure opportunities to increase their spiritual growth. The children will be raised within a family structure and environment as much as is feasible.

We have designed our ministry to:
  • To give the children high quality care that nurtures their physical, spiritual, nutritional, emotional and developmental needs in an environment that is safe clean, conducive to learning and loving.
  • To have highly trained staff and a high staff/child ratio.
  • To provide adequate educational materials to the children and staff, ensuring early as well as continual development of the children.
  • To implement a curriculum which meets and exceeds the standards of the NAEYC.
  • To provide mental and/or physical therapy as needed.
  • To render high quality medical care.
  • To impart spiritual guidance to each and every child under our care.
  • To ensure a connection to the Guatemalan culture.
  • To facilitate ongoing care for children with disabilities.
  • While adoption is not an option for most of the children served, if adoption is an appropriate goal, staff will have the knowledge to facilitate an excellent transition with the adoptive family.
  • To provide exceptional grade-level education as well as encourage and assist in further education.
  • To assess the talents and capabilities of all children, teaching them job skills as appropriate.
  • To utilize adequate security procedures at the premises at all times

Long term we plan to:
  • To locate and purchase permanent property for the children's home.
  • To build a new facility that provides green areas for the children to play, among other things.
  • Ongoing fundraising and/or business development to provide for the annual needs of the home.
  • To develop transitional housing options to assist in the transition from the home to society.

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Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home
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