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Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a Hope Child is an easy yet effective way to get involved with Hope For Tomorrow. Through your sponsorship, you will not only help provide food and shelter, but education, activities, and life-growth opportunities. With as little as $35.00 per month, you can tangibly impact the life of one of these children.

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Make a Donation

Caring for orphaned children is a full time ministry that involves a wide range of services: doctors and dental visits, medicine, physical and psychological therapy, trained and loving staff, regular outings, after school activities. All this and more means we need your help to continue. Your donation changes lives.

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Hope Preschool

Hope For Tomorrow has expanded it's ministry into the community by opening Hope Preschool, an accredited preschool developed by co-founder Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown. Children from the local community benefit greatly from the high quality early care and education they receive at Hope Preschool.

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Short Term Trips

There is nothing more incredible than personally experiencing Hope For Tomorrow. Meeting the children, holding the babies, working together to improve their living situation. Whether you come with your church, youth ministry, family, or friends your experience will leave a lasting impact in Guatemala and in your life.

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Sometimes one week just isn't enough. Whether you're looking to come for a month, a summer, a semester, or a year we can use you. You can help teach English, get involved in our preschool, participate in speech and physical therapy, assist the older children with their schoolwork, and much more.

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construction projects

Construction Projects

It takes a lot to maintain a children's home and part of it is regular repair work. We have a growing list of projects that need to be finished from painting to building bunk beds. Participate today by either making a financial commitment to a project or by organizing a group to come down to get hands on!

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gifts that give

Gifts that Give

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved one's birthday or anniversary, give them a gift that gives back. Our gift catalog has unique gifts that help provide for orphan children in Guatemala. You can even print off a personalized card explaining the impact it has in Guatemala. Give a gift that gives back today!

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hope ideas

HOPE Ideas

Hope Ideas are creative and unique opportunities for you to get involved with our ministry. Through birthday parties, spreading the word, Christmas angels, and more you can help us share the vision and passion of our ministry among your circle of friends and family.

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Pray for Us

Prayer has become the foundation of our ministry and we need people to constantly be praying for us. It may seem like the easiest way to get involved, but it's the most critical. Help us pray and intercede for our ministry and children as we serve the Lord in Guatemala.

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