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Below we have listed different immediate needs and projects that show how you can be an integral part of our ministry in a tangible way. Just find the area in which you would like to get involved and click the "Donate" button to the right. You'll be taken to a secure page where you can choose what you are supporting and for how much.

Whether you, your family, or your group of friends participate, your tax deductible contribution will impact lives and give hope to the children of Guatemala.

Our most urgent needs


Help Us Pay For Our Van

Imagine for a minute your family not having transportation. How would you get to school? How would you take your children to the park? How would you go on family vacation? How would you get to church? Imagine everything you and your family would miss without this vital asset. These are questions that we had to constantly ask since we didn't have a vehicle of our own. Every time we want to go out to eat, or take a trip with our children, we had to think about transportation and usually we'd end up wasting money renting a van.

Well, we have taken a giant leap of faith and have purchased our own 15 passenger van for the Children's Home! This van will be used to transport our children to their various activities, have more consistent outings, and in the long run save us the expense of renting a vehicle. We'll also use the van with teams that come down. But to make this purchase we were generously loaned the money and now we need your help to pay this back. Donate today and participate in this need.


Children's Education 2012

Our biggest year to year need is for our children's education. Next year 7 of our children will be going to outside schools, which represents a large jump in our budget. For the little ones we have a professional teacher that will work with them in our preschool. We are looking for people to make a year commitment to sponsor a child's education. For $100/month, you can help our children receive a quality education.


CNA Registration/Legal Fee

The CNA (National Adoption Counsel) is the central authority that regulates adoptions and orphanages in Guatemala. Part of the restructuring of the adoption process here in Guatemala has mandated that all orphanages receive approval from the CNA to function. Unfortunately, that also means that we have to incur huge legal fees as we jump through hoops to get approval. Without approval, Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home can be fined and/or closed down. With your contribution we can ensure that we meet all the requirements that the CNA has established and continue to provide a home for our children.

2012 Construction Projects

We've set up a special page with all of our different Construction and Maintenance Opportunities. They range from easy-to-do painting projects to specialized electrical work. It'll give you a perfect overview of how you can lend a hand physically and personally to our children and ministry.

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