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With an ever growing and changing population of children at our home, our maintenance needs are almost constant. Painting, repairs, and touching up has become a regular need of our ministry to ensure we maintain a safe and beautiful environment for our children. In addition to our maintenance needs, we are also trying to improve the children's living condition with special construction projects. These projects range in priority, difficulty, and cost but all are goals we have for the coming year.

If you are planning a trip down with your church, school, friends, or family, take a look at these projects and pick those that seem to match up with the skill set of your group. And if you have a certain skill set such as carpentry, electricity, or plumbing, we'd love to have you come down and meet some of the more specialized needs we have.

NOTE: We are in the process of updating this database. Check back soon for a full list of our upcoming projects.

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Construction Projects