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The best way you can get involved with Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home is through sponsorship. It's an easy, yet life-changing investment. Read below to see how you can sponsor a child at Hope For Tomorrow Children’s Home. Your contribution will impact lives and help change the future of these children.

Sponsor a Child in 3 Easy Steps

What You Give as A Child Sponsor

By sponsoring a child at Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home, you'll help change the lives of children by providing genuine help and lasting hope! In addition to supporting your sponsored child, your monthly support also assists the other children who live at the home.

By providing resources like nutritious food, clean water, basic health care, educational opportunities, and more, you also tangibly demonstrate to the children the love of Christ. Your example is one that will help the children understand the love and provision that Christ offers them. All of the above are crucial to break the cycle of poverty and help a sponsored child reach her or his God-given potential.

What You Receive as a Child Sponsor

Soon after we receive your sponsorship request, we'll send you a welcome packet. This packet will include a picture of your sponsored child, information on her or him, and details about the specific benefits that your support makes possible. You'll learn how Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home is impacting other children's lives as well.

As a sponsor of a child, you'll also receive:

  • Tax-deductible receipts of your giving.
  • A letter of introduction from your sponsored child (within two to four months).
  • A yearly update on your sponsored child's progress and the benefits he or she is receiving through your sponsorship.

How Much Does it Cost?

To make sponsorship as easy as possible, we have broken down child sponsorship into 4 tiers. Since Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home is a home and not an after school program, or a one-meal-per-day soup kitchen, it is necessary to provide for these children on a 24/7 basis, just like you provide for your own children. We make sure all the children receive 3 complete meals a day, a comfortable home to sleep in, year-round schooling, immunizations, special monthly activities, therapy for those that need it, dedicated workers to take care of the children, and much more. All of this means that we need your help to continue to provide this nurturing environment. Choosing one of the 4 sponsorship options below will help us as we strive to provide the best home possible for these children.

  • Option 1 - $35/month - Partial Sponsorship (provides 2 meals a day for the child)
  • Option 2 - $120/month - Basic Sponsorship (provides 3 meals a day plus the child's education)
  • Option 3 - $500/month - Standard Sponsorship (provides 3 meals a day, education, shelter, and monthly activities for the child)
  • Option 4 - $1000/month - Complete Sponsorship (covers the majority of the costs for the child to live at our home)

Get Started Now!

You've Chosen a Child and Learned the Basics, now all that's left is Sharing The Love. You're sponsorship is so important to the lives of our children and this small investment will be one that provides endless opportunities for orphaned children. Click the link below and once you know which child you want to sponsor, click the SPONSOR button next to their name. It's that simple. Join us as we bring Hope to orphaned children in Guatemala.

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