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One of the best ways for you to get involved with Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home is to actually come here with us. The words and pictures on this website can only take you so far into the experience of the Children's Home. To truly understand the Home and get to know the children you need to experience it first hand, and we would love to have you come down and participate in what God is doing here in Guatemala. Below are a few ways you can come down and be a part of this ministry.

Bring your Church/Organization

Most churches have a missions program and as Christians we are called to go out to all the world and make disciples. If your church is looking for a place to do missions, we would love for them to participate with us. Our missionaries have years of experience coordinating church groups ranging in size from 5 to 100 and would happily help your church plan a trip that would be meaningful and impacting for all sides.

Through construction, VBS, English classes, group events, or other activities your group could participate with us. Even if you aren't personally involved in the missions committee of your church you can always spread the word to someone that is, or organize your own trip with your Sunday School class, or other small group. Either way, mission trips are an excellent way for you to partner with us and impact the lives of these children. If you think you would like to bring a group of people down from your church or organization, Contact Us through email and we will answer all the questions you may have and assist you plan your group trip.

Want to Know What's It's Like?

See pictures and read stories from previous groups that have come:

Join a Hope Mission Team

Probably the easiest way to experience the Children's Home is to join us on one of our regular trips that we take to the Home. If you are interested in joining us, send us email through the Contact Us page and we'll send you info on our next trip dates as well as where we are staying, what flights we are taking, and how you could be involved during the trip.

Vacation and Visit

The final way to come participate with us is probably the most fun. If you and your family are looking for a wonderful and relaxing place to go on vacation, look no farther than Guatemala. With Mayan Ruins, beautiful colonial villages, volcano-surrounded lakes, and great fishing, Guatemala offers more than you can imagine. We could help plan your vacation here in Guatemala and at the end you and your family could stop by and visit with the children. It would be a perfect way to end a perfect vacation. Email us for more information.

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