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Kelly & Marcela

Donate towards Kelly and Marcela's medical tests and exams

Kelly & Marcela Medical Fundraiser

Thank you so much for donating! Together we can raise the money to ensure that Kelly and Marcela can get the medical and genetic tests they need so we can provide them the best care possible.

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About Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home

Bringing Hope to Orphans

Hope For Tomorrow Children's Home, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala, is dedicated to providing orphaned and at risk children with a safe and nurturing environment through holistic care. Since 2007 we have served more than 40 children. Currently, 12 beautiful children call Hope For Tomorrow their home.

As a Christ-centered program, staff, volunteers, and mission teams work to provide a spiritual climate that encourages each child to fulfill God's call upon their lives. The children are raised within a loving structure and environment that imitates family life as much as possible.

How We Make a Difference

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Small family

We purposefully maintain our family with a small number of children to ensure quality care and a family like environment. We believe children are unique and special and our small population allows that individuality to flourish.

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Mixed Ages

Newborns, children, and teenagers are all part of our family. Older children learn about caring and protecting the younger chldren. The younger children have positive role models in the older children.

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Mixed Needs

Some of our children have special needs and they are equally a part of our family. We want to promote within our children a worldview of equality and mutual respect no matter a person's development.

“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed.
Defend the cause of orphans.”

Isaiah 1:17 (NLT)

Get Involved Today

Your tax-deductile donation to Kelly and Marcela's medical fundraiser will be in an investment in the daily lives of the orphaned and at risk children under our care. Join us as we bring hope to orphans in Guatemala.

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Make a tax deducitble donation today and help Kelly and Marcela reach our medical fundraising goal.

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