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Age: 16 years old

Grade: 9th Grade

Birthday: February 21, 2004

Interests: Playing and teaching the little children (she wants to be a teacher)

Birthday and Christmas Wishes: clothing, accessories

Clothing Sizes:

Shirt - Adult M
Pants - Women's 14
Shoes - Adult 8


The smile you see on Lidia's face is nearly always present. Everyone adores Lidia for her sweet spirit and mild manner. She adores playing with dolls and would stay in the "house area" of the child development room all day long if we would let her. She has a very nurturing spirit and enjoys taking care of the babies in the house.

In school, she has become extremely talkative (we've even had a few notes sent home about how much she talks!!). But it all points to the same bubbly and caring attitude that she constantly has. The past two years, both Lidia and Amelia have joined the cheerleading team at their school. They love to perform their routines, dances, and stunts for us!

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