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Age: 7 years old

Grade: Preschool

Birthday: April 9, 2013

Interests: playing with cars, balls, building blocks

Birthday and Christmas Wishes: remote control cars, floor puzzles, legos

Clothing Sizes:

Shirt - Child 5
Pants - Child 5
Shoes - Child 11


Marcos arrived at Hope for Tomorrow in February 2016. He was timid when he first arrived, but has adjusted and loves playing with the other children. He was a result of poverty. Both of his parents live and work in the garbage dump. When he came to us, he was sick and dirty, and very limited in his language, but he has since transformed into a healthy, happy boy.

Marcos loves to play with cars. You can hear him racing cars up and down the hallway giggling. He has an infectious laugh and a playful spirit. He especially enjoys playing with Diego. He loves watching the other kids play and joining in with them at times. We are so happy to have Marcos in our home.

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