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Age: 14 years old

Grade: 2nd Grade

Birthday: May 19, 2006

Interests: Playing with dolls and swimming

Birthday and Christmas Wishes: dolls, accessories, clothing

Clothing Sizes:

Shirt - 14 or L
Pants - 14 or L
Shoes -


Rosa came to our children's home in July of 2011 after being removed from a difficult home situation. Her brother Diego came a short time after. When she arrived she was dirty and bruised, inside and out, her hair full of lice. At her young age of 5, she has experienced a life time of pain.

As time has passes we are beginning to believe she has a small developmental delay, like her brother. This could however be due to the environment she was in before coming to Hope For Tomorrow and not due to neurological problems. But despite these issues, she is a loving and compassionate little girl, who always runs up to give you a hug when she sees you.

As we find out more about her family life, we have discovered that her mother suffers from developmental delays and her father is absent. It is evident that the environment Rosa and Diego grew up in was far from ideal and our goal is to offer them a safe and loving environment where they can grow and develop. Please be praying for Rosa and the difficult road that lies ahead.

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