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Four Birthday’s

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Well this has been the month of birthdays. First we started with Ruth, and then Carlos, and on Monday we celebrated Edwin, Luis Fernando, Martha, and Evelyn’s birthday! Six birthday in a 3 week time frame! Edwin turned 8, Luis celebrated his first birthday, and Martha and Evelyn…well I think they turned 21 or 22…but I didn’t dare ask! Since were celebrating so many birthdays and since we hadn’t really done anything special for the children in a while, Diana had the wonderful idea of taking the children to the small amusement park that is close by. The pictures do a better job of explaining the great time we had, but I did want to mention one thing. Since the majority of the rides are for the older children we bought more tickets for them, but when they saw that their little brothers and sisters were out of tickets, they openly shared the ones they had so that they could all enjoy the rides together. It’s just another example of how these children watch after one another and truly act like a family. So click here to see the pictures of this incredible day!



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