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This October we had the special priviledge of having Jennifer’s home church come down and work with our children for a week.  This mighty team worked in the morning doing some minor (and in some cases, major) repair work.  The afternoons were spent taking the children to the retreat center where the team was staying and hosting a Vacation Bible School with them.  Originally the team was going to be headed by Mark, the man that was described to me as single handedly building a Habitat for Humanity house, and he had been the point man on a lot of the repair work.  But an unfortunate medical problem kept him from coming, and the team was without their fearless leader.  However this small team brushed aside any notion of this being a set back and decided to work as hard as possible to complete the project list we had for them.  And work they did!  Paul, Jennifer’s husband, stepped up and fixed everything from some broken lights to holes in the doors.  The rest of the team distributed themselves and painted the younger and older boys rooms as well as fixed the outside wall that was falling apart due to all the rain we had.

In all the entire week was incredible and this team worked extremely hard morning till night.  The children loved the VBS they did and I they all learned a little bit more about the amazing God we serve.

Here are some pictures we took during the week.

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Below are the pictures we took during the fun day we had.  We took them to Mixco Viejo, some ruins about an hour and a half outside of Guatemala City, and then went to Antigua Guatemala.



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