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Asbury Youth Ministry Team

Asbury Youth MinistryLast week 100 students and adults (yes, you read that right…100) came to Guatemala from Tulsa OK to serve at various ministries around the city and we had the privileged of hosting part of the group each day. This youth ministry from Asbury Methodist Church has been a huge part of our ministry since the beginning. Just a few months after Diana and I came to Hope For Tomorrow in 2009 they sent a group to our home to put a beautiful roof over the patio area. Last year the students painted the entire home a new, fresher color and also did an incredible mural in the patio area. And this year, each day a group of 12-13 spent time repainting the home brightening it up again (it’s amazing how dirty a home can get when you have 8 children living in it!!).

However, more importantly the group spent time loving on the children. Angel got hours and hours of attention as the students and adults took turn holding and feeding him his bottle. Miguel and Amelia felt special because everyday some of the kids helped them out with their English homework. Each day, the students not only worked hard fixing up our home, but also made sure that they connected with the children.

It was a privilege for us to have received this group once again this year and we look forward to having them return in 2012.

Before they left, I had some of the students give me the pictures they took while they were at the home. Here a some of those pictures to visually show how they worked and played throughout the week.

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