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IMG_3590At the beginning of April we were blessed to have the Trenaman family come down from Kentucky to volunteer at the home. The family of 4 spent a week with the kids, painting, coloring, telling bible stories, etc. They arrived on a Saturday and began their time with the kids with an Easter egg hunt at the park. The kids loved the hunt itself and the surprise of finding stickers, bouncy balls, and tons of toys filling the eggs. After the egg hunt, the family had games planned and treated the kids to a ride on the train that runs around the park. The next day, the family took the kids to the water park, H2Olas. It was an early morning, packing the kids into the vans at 5:30 AM in order to get to the park by 9 for opening. Once they arrived, the kids jumped right into the pools and didn’t want to leave! It’s safe to say they slept very soundly after the eventful weekend! On Monday the Trenamans began working on the big project of organizing! They took on the task of organizing and sorting all of our extra clothing from our storage closet into under-bed storage bins. They also helped get our recently renovated storage closet back to organized functionality. Every day after spending the morning organizing, the Trenamans had games and activities planned for the kids. From painting, to egg races, to bible stories, the kids never lacked a moment of entertainment. We were so blessed to have such a generous family come down and love on the kids for a week!

Here are some pictures of the kids’ time with the Trenaman family as well as the organized storage closet and clothes bins.

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