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First Christian Bowling Green Trip

IMG_7334June 16th our first team of the summer arrived from First Christian Bowling Green Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. While they had planned to begin construction work on the new property, we ran into a small road-block when we didn’t get our building permit in time. Consequently, we shifted our efforts to focus on construction at our caregiver Blanca’s house. Everyone had good spirits, despite the change in plans.

In the week they were here, the team worked hard on the construction site and spent time at the children’s home doing activities with the kids. They began their week of construction with the intentions of fixing Blanca’s roof. However, as the week progressed, they all agreed they wanted to see the project finished as soon as possible. Since they couldn’t stay another month to finish it themselves, the team generously came together to donate the funds to allow a construction group to continue working to put up the walls and finish the house. Blanca was extremely excited to receive the news that her house would be finished sooner than expected!

Along with their construction projects, the team also invested their time in our kids here at the children’s home. Their first day at the home they gave each of the kids a cross to paint and watched their creativity bloom. Every day they colored, had tickle wars, danced around, and had a blast with the kids. We loved having this team to kick off our summer here at Hope for Tomorrow! Check out pictures from their trip here.





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