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IMG_0846Hope for Tomorrow kicked off the summer this month with a great group of volunteers from the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. During their week of service at Hope for Tomorrow they began projects at the new property as well as spent the afternoons leading activities with our children. Everyday you could see Christ in the fantastic group of girls as they came smiling and willing to work.

The group began work digging up the old wall in our front yard. They worked hard and dug two trenches up to their knees in order to knock the wall out. They also began clearing a hole in the front of the house for our new water pump that will allow us to have purified water at the new property. Another project the girls took on was the new preschool bathroom. They were able to set up the plumbing, paint the walls, and lay the new floor to create the beginning of a beautiful space for our preschoolers to use. After each hard day of work, the girls would head over to the children’s home and spend time with the kids. They made masks and bracelets, played games, performed plays, and taught the kids bible stories.

Thanks to the Diocese of Lexington, we were able to start our summer off great! Their hard work and time invested in our kids will be remembered and carried on for years to come. See pictures of their hard work here.

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