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Summer Vacation

IMG_1641The Hope for Tomorrow children enjoyed a week of vacation from school this month. Our volunteers joined forces to plan a week of activities and excursions for the kids. Every morning started with VBS which included a bible story and craft to teach the children of God’s love and care for His creation. In the afternoons, they had various activities planned for days of fun.

The first day of vacation was termed girls’ day. Amelia and Lidia went with our volunteers to see Pixar’s Inside Out, which made them all laugh and cry. After the movie, they returned and took all the girls over to the new property for “Beauty Salon” where they made bracelets and did each others’ nails. Even baby Ashley got her nails done.

Day two of vacation the kids took a trip to the park they normally play at. However, this time was special, as they got to go play in the carrousel park next door with rides and games. The kids were so excited to finally get to play in the carrousel park they see almost everyday but rarely get to play at. They loved playing the games to win tickets and buy prizes. Then they would get on the rides and their smiles seemed like they would last forever.

Day three the kids spent all day in their PJs, watched movies, and had a lazy day at home. The volunteers popped popcorn and baked cookies for the kids to enjoy during their movie marathons. Then, after dinner they all went over to our new property for a bonfire and s’mores. Although the rain tried to stomp out the fun, our volunteers kept roasting marshmallows and didn’t let it ruin the night. When all the s’mores were gone, the kids laughed and played and danced until it was finally time to return home and go to bed.

Day four the kids had a very special trip to the pool. They loaded up the van early in the morning and drove to Aguas Calientes, a beautiful heated pool with a park and zoo attached. The kids swam all morning and probably would’ve kept going through the night had they been able to. But, they took a break for lunch, which was a delicious barbecue the caregiver’s had prepared at the park while the kids swam. Then, after lunch, they watched the animals in the zoo and conquered the giant slides on the playground. when we loaded up in the van to head home, the kids were falling asleep in their seats.

The final day of vacation the kids traveled to Antigua to take part in a class our co-founder Jennifer was instructing. A few of the kids spent their morning with Jennifer’s students, while the rest toured the city. The kids participated in lots of fun activities with Jennifer’s students and all came away smiling with their bags of goodies and crafts they had done that day. The other kids got to travel the ruins of a monastery and take a trip to the top of a hill to overlook the city. After the morning activities, we all met up and had a fun lunch out at McDonalds before taking our happy, exhausted kids home for the day.

We are so blessed to be able to share in these special moments with the kids and were so glad to see them smiling and enjoying their week of vacation! See all their pictures from their week here.

Brookdale 2015

IMG_1015The second week of June we had the pleasure of hosting a great team from Brookdale in St. Joseph, Missouri. Their first day with us, the team held a picnic lunch in the backyard of our new property. Then, they began their days of hard work renovating our home. The group continued work on our big project for the summer, tearing down the old front wall of our new property to make room for a new one that fits our needs. They worked hard to continue digging away a hole for our water pump to move to and they also installed toilets and sinks to finish our preschool bathroom. Over at our current home, they put a coat of fresh paint on our walls to help brighten up the house.

When their hard days of work were done, they played board games, colored, and loved on our children. Their last day they held a big celebration for all our kids. Since Leticia and Carlos’s birthdays fell in July, the team bought a piñata to celebrate them. They also had a pizza party and brought presents from each of the kids’ sponsors. The kids had a blast and were so thankful for all the special moments they shared with this great team! See photos from their week at Hope for Tomorrow here.

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