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Brookdale 2015

IMG_1015The second week of June we had the pleasure of hosting a great team from Brookdale in St. Joseph, Missouri. Their first day with us, the team held a picnic lunch in the backyard of our new property. Then, they began their days of hard work renovating our home. The group continued work on our big project for the summer, tearing down the old front wall of our new property to make room for a new one that fits our needs. They worked hard to continue digging away a hole for our water pump to move to and they also installed toilets and sinks to finish our preschool bathroom. Over at our current home, they put a coat of fresh paint on our walls to help brighten up the house.

When their hard days of work were done, they played board games, colored, and loved on our children. Their last day they held a big celebration for all our kids. Since Leticia and Carlos’s birthdays fell in July, the team bought a piñata to celebrate them. They also had a pizza party and brought presents from each of the kids’ sponsors. The kids had a blast and were so thankful for all the special moments they shared with this great team! See photos from their week at Hope for Tomorrow here.



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