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Brookdale 2015

IMG_1015The second week of June we had the pleasure of hosting a great team from Brookdale in St. Joseph, Missouri. Their first day with us, the team held a picnic lunch in the backyard of our new property. Then, they began their days of hard work renovating our home. The group continued work on our big project for the summer, tearing down the old front wall of our new property to make room for a new one that fits our needs. They worked hard to continue digging away a hole for our water pump to move to and they also installed toilets and sinks to finish our preschool bathroom. Over at our current home, they put a coat of fresh paint on our walls to help brighten up the house.

When their hard days of work were done, they played board games, colored, and loved on our children. Their last day they held a big celebration for all our kids. Since Leticia and Carlos’s birthdays fell in July, the team bought a piñata to celebrate them. They also had a pizza party and brought presents from each of the kids’ sponsors. The kids had a blast and were so thankful for all the special moments they shared with this great team! See photos from their week at Hope for Tomorrow here.

Episcopal Diocese of Lexington

IMG_0846Hope for Tomorrow kicked off the summer this month with a great group of volunteers from the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. During their week of service at Hope for Tomorrow they began projects at the new property as well as spent the afternoons leading activities with our children. Everyday you could see Christ in the fantastic group of girls as they came smiling and willing to work.

The group began work digging up the old wall in our front yard. They worked hard and dug two trenches up to their knees in order to knock the wall out. They also began clearing a hole in the front of the house for our new water pump that will allow us to have purified water at the new property. Another project the girls took on was the new preschool bathroom. They were able to set up the plumbing, paint the walls, and lay the new floor to create the beginning of a beautiful space for our preschoolers to use. After each hard day of work, the girls would head over to the children’s home and spend time with the kids. They made masks and bracelets, played games, performed plays, and taught the kids bible stories.

Thanks to the Diocese of Lexington, we were able to start our summer off great! Their hard work and time invested in our kids will be remembered and carried on for years to come. See pictures of their hard work here.

Muldraugh Baptist Church

IMG_8006Muldraugh Baptist Church visited Hope For Tomorrow at the beginning of this month and brought with them a spirit of faith that was evident through their work all week long. During the week, not only did the group involve children in evangelical and spiritual activities, but they also worked on multiple projects including building a shelf and cabinet unit for our living room, painting several rooms in the new house, and doing VBS activities with the kids every afternoon.

We are so incredibly thankful to have hosted such an amazing group of individuals. The work that they did will remain a part of this home for a very long time. Each time the children open the doors of the new cabinets, or play with the puppets from the puppet show, or sing songs from their new Children’s Bible Songs CDs, we will all be reminded of the great time we spent with Muldraugh. See pictures of their trip and projects here.


University of Kentucky Trip 2014

DSC_0470We recently had the pleasure of welcoming a great group of students from the University of Kentucky to Hope for Tomorrow Children’s home. They came down with our co-founder, Jennifer, to spend a busy 10 days with our kids. During their time, their main focus was on our preschool students. Each of the UK students paired up with one of the preschoolers and observed them throughout the week. They also performed evaluations on the students of Hope Preschool to gauge where each student is performing. At the end of the week, the UK students met with the caregiver of each of the kids and informed them of the areas in which their child excels, the areas where their child needs assistance, and a few goals for their child. The UK students also worked with our preschool teacher, Delmy, to organize the Hope Preschool classroom.

After their mornings working in the preschool, the group spent time playing with the kids doing tons of fun activities. From going to the pool to playing parachute, there was never a dull moment. One of the favorite memories was the 4th of July party. Although a day early, we brought everyone together at the new property for pizza and fireworks. The kids’ eyes lit up as they watched the fireworks show and played with sparklers. They were still talking about the party days afterwards! Go here to see pictures of our fantastic week with the group from UK.


First Christian Bowling Green Trip

IMG_7334June 16th our first team of the summer arrived from First Christian Bowling Green Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. While they had planned to begin construction work on the new property, we ran into a small road-block when we didn’t get our building permit in time. Consequently, we shifted our efforts to focus on construction at our caregiver Blanca’s house. Everyone had good spirits, despite the change in plans.

In the week they were here, the team worked hard on the construction site and spent time at the children’s home doing activities with the kids. They began their week of construction with the intentions of fixing Blanca’s roof. However, as the week progressed, they all agreed they wanted to see the project finished as soon as possible. Since they couldn’t stay another month to finish it themselves, the team generously came together to donate the funds to allow a construction group to continue working to put up the walls and finish the house. Blanca was extremely excited to receive the news that her house would be finished sooner than expected!

Along with their construction projects, the team also invested their time in our kids here at the children’s home. Their first day at the home they gave each of the kids a cross to paint and watched their creativity bloom. Every day they colored, had tickle wars, danced around, and had a blast with the kids. We loved having this team to kick off our summer here at Hope for Tomorrow! Check out pictures from their trip here.



Coming Soon: Summer Excitement

IMG_6745The summer here at Hope for Tomorrow is revving up to be a big one. God has blessed us with an abundance of people who care about our kids and desire to serve with us. From individual volunteers to large groups, our summer line-up is full of amazing people. Following is a brief preview of what the next three months look like for our ministry:

  • May 26th – July 27th we have a returning volunteer, Bethany, working with us as our volunteer and group coordinator.
  • May 31st – June 10th Katherine, a short-term volunteer, will be working in the home assisting with the children and teaching English lessons at Hope Preschool.
  • June 16th – June 23rd our first church group, First Christian Bowling Green, will be working with us on construction projects at our new property as well as at one of our caregiver’s homes.
  • June 25th – August 30th Will, a long-term volunteer, will be working with teams, fostering discipleship in the children, and assisting with administrative work.
  • June 25th – July 5th co-founder Jennifer Grisham-Brown and her students from the University of Kentucky will do evaluations with our children and the preschoolers.
  • June 30th – July 4th Kristina, another returning volunteer, will be assisting with child-care and spending time with the children.
  • July 5th – 22nd Muldraugh Baptist Church will work on construction projects at the new property as well as do therapy and bible studies with the children.
  • July 7th – August 7th Marisa will be here to spend time with the kids and assist with the needs of the ministry.
  • July 15th – 22nd Grace Community Baptist Church will be working on construction projects at the new property.
  • July 24th – August 2nd McGregor Baptist Church will be traveling to work on construction projects and assist in medical clinics in Santiago.
  • August 4th – 10th Brookdale will be working on construction at the new property.
  • August 16th – 23rd Hope Community Church will be demonstrating parenting workshops for the caregivers and doing Bible studies with the children.

We cannot thank each of these groups enough for the work they will be doing with us this summer. We are incredibly blessed to have such great people supporting our ministry. As we prepare for an eventful summer, please pray for everyone involved.

  • Pray for the daily life at the home, that it would continue to flow and thrive through the busyness of groups and activities.
  • Also be praying for the groups and volunteers, that they would be effective in their work and they would see God working through them to impact each of our kids.
  • We also desire each of the volunteers to be transformed through their work here; be praying for God to use our ministry to bless and grow them as much as they bless us.
  • Also be praying for the safety of the groups as they work on construction projects. May they meet all of their goals for each project and bless every place they work.
  • Last but not least, continue to pray for our new property. We are stepping out in faith in beginning construction projects before we officially own the house. Pray that the building license would come through so that we can begin work and that God would provide the finances to make payments on the house.

We are so excited for the work God will do this summer through each group and volunteer here at Hope for Tomorrow!

Good Shepherd Trip

The group in the new study room

This month we had the pleasure of welcoming back our co-founder, Brenda, with a group from her church, Good Shepherd, in Lexington, Kentucky. Their group came down and spent a week bonding with our kids as well as fixing up our home. Their group made our home even more beautiful by enhancing every wall with a new coat of paint. After they were done painting in the mornings, they led VBS with the kids in the afternoons. The kids had all kinds of songs, bible stories, crafts, and games to look forward to when they arrived home from school every day. Along with their group came a doctor who blessed our kids with medical check-ups.

The biggest project the group took on was the construction of a study room for the older kids. This room is such a crucial space to have in our home, as it gives our older children a place of their own. Not only is this study room a place where they can study and focus on their school work, away from the chaos of the smaller children, but also it is also a private, quiet place for them to relax and listen to music, play games, practice piano, etc. They finally have a place where they can sit back and be teenagers, away from the running, playing children. The group painted the walls, put together furniture, put up blinds and cork-board, and constructed desk areas for the children in the study room.We are so thankful for all the hard work their group did improving our home and building bonds with our children.

The group in the new study room

The group with the kids in the new study room

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